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This is what we look like when we quietly, and benignly, judge you.

UPDATE: This post has now been filled. We got some great applicants – and we now have somebody doing all this stuff. Hooray.

Hi. Want to work with us? Take the following ingredients and assemble them into an ad, post the result somewhere online and tweet a link to it @thisisnms.

We’ll appoint someone on June 15th. That’s next Friday.


The Broken Record series

Broken Record

Goldsmith University MA students Nicolle Smith and Stefan Peters have just finished work on a short web-documentary series called Broken Record.

They interviewed me for the series, and there’s a lot of stuff in here that is pertains to my Music As Culture interests and the Deleting Music book as much as it does to the general tone of what I research and discuss as part of the Interactive Cultures team at BCU, and what I usually write about on New Music Strategies.

The series is definitely worth watching, and features some good insight from some interesting people from different parts of the British digital music world – and it’s presented for your entertainment below.

Share and enjoy.


Pure Solo


PureSolo.com is a site and free downloadable software that enables musicians to play along to a wide variety of professional, original and well-known music tracks, then record and share the music.

According to the press release, PureSolo.com was founded by a mixture of entrepreneurs who included ex-Goldman Sachs financiers, and a professional trumpeter who has played with everyone from Ray Charles, to Kylie, and albums like Pet Shop Boys ‘Very’ and Tina Turner’s ‘Simply The Best’.

What do you think? Are these the backing tracks you’ve been looking for? Go to the site, download the software, mess about with it – and come back and report!

Now Play It

Now Play It

What do they say it is?
Now Play It is a new and exciting way to learn and play your favorite songs. This unique video service features real music and real artists all backed by real learning techniques. It has been developed to help offer a more instant and direct way of learning, for every range of musician. ‘Now Play It’ aims to get people as close to the artist and songs they love as simply as possible. If you want to play a song, there is no better way to learn than from the artist who wrote or performs it…welcome to ‘Now Play It’.