Broken Record

Goldsmith University MA students Nicolle Smith and Stefan Peters have just finished work on a short web-documentary series called Broken Record.

They interviewed me for the series, and there’s a lot of stuff in here that is pertains to my Music As Culture interests and the Deleting Music book as much as it does to the general tone of what I research and discuss as part of the Interactive Cultures team at BCU, and what I usually write about on New Music Strategies.

The series is definitely worth watching, and features some good insight from some interesting people from different parts of the British digital music world – and it’s presented for your entertainment below.

Share and enjoy.

Broken Record Part 1: Introduction

An introduction to our panel of experts, up and coming indie act Shuffle, and Nicolle and Stefan, your fearless guides to the contemporary state of digital music culture. We briefly look at the history of the recording industry and how it got to be where it is today.

Broken Record Part 2: Commerce

Do people really download? Nicolle and Stefan go to the streets to ask how people get their music. Business-type people tell us about the current state of the music industry, why it is the way it is and how they can capitalize on the new digital culture model.

Broken Record Part 3: Culture

What is the new music culture? How do artists and music consumers navigate the choppy waters of copyright and creativity? What sort of art will surface from the way music is consumed today? We grapple with these issues in Episode Three.

Broken Record Part 4: The Future of Digital Music Culture

Our experts weigh in on what the future will look like in terms of music and what we should avoid so creativity isn’t stifled in the digitalized wild west.

Visit the Broken Record official site.