This is what we look like when we quietly, and benignly, judge you.

UPDATE: This post has now been filled. We got some great applicants – and we now have somebody doing all this stuff. Hooray.

Hi. Want to work with us? Take the following ingredients and assemble them into an ad, post the result somewhere online and tweet a link to it @thisisnms.

We’ll appoint someone on June 15th. That’s next Friday.

We’re looking for an intern. Over summer. Good CV filler. Range of tasks and responsibilities and a bunch of different projects. We’re an interesting bunch of people to work with.

For example: We’re establishing a new internet music radio station. We’re putting together a book of advice for young musicians and music industry workers. We’re going to be making podcasts, talking at events, making blogs, doing web video, taking photos of things, dealing with musicians and music organisations, and developing new projects with them.

We need someone to digitise and upload stuff to the internet. To write emails. To go do research in libraries and on the internet. To do some very simple video editing. To do various social media stuff. To occasionally come and pick things up from one or more of us. Tasks and errands, mostly.

Usual sort of thing – we’re looking for someone reliable, clever, nice, enthusiastic, self-starting, preferably Birmingham-based, flexible, interesting, thoughtful, reliable (did I say reliable already?) and interested in music and radio and internet and media and stuff. They should have a laptop and a phone and be on Twitter already. Helpful if they knew how to drive WordPress. They should be able to write in such a way that takes a jumbled mess like this pile of information and turns it into a decent piece of professional communication.

We’ll give guidance and make all the necessary connections. It won’t help you feed your family, but we won’t make you sleep under a bridge, and we’ll do whatever we can to make it worth your while.

Remember – this is not the ad itself. This is just the raw copy from which we’d like YOU to write the ad. But writing the ad is also how you apply for the job – so make sure you write it in such a way that you’d be the perfect person to appoint.

This is also a bit of a test to see how well you follow instructions. People who apply via email, in the comments, or in any way other than how we’ve asked you to (above) will probably not be considered. Unless, of course, their idea for how to apply for this gig is better than ours.