International Sound Awards deadline

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The deadline for the International Sound Awards has been extended to 26 May 2023. That means there’s three weeks left to submit projects.

Here’s the link to apply.

I can recommend entering this if you have an interesting sound or music project that fits one of their categories, which range from product to development, marketing to art. 

Some of the people I work with at MTF Labs have been recipients of this award in the past. Four MTFers won the ISAbell awards and more were highly commended runners up.

Pictured above (seated L-R) are Vahakn Matossian (Human Instruments), Tim Palm (DJ Arthro) and Tim Yates (Drake Music and Hackoustic) who won for their brilliant accessible music product LoopFree, which was invented in the #MTFLabs in Stockholm 2018 and further developed with the support of an MTF Prize awarded by KTH Innovation.

Standing is Mordechai Braunstein whose CyMagic project brings the experience of music to deaf children and educates about the science of sound and vibration. An early version of CyMagic was tested at MTF Stockholm, then developed and showcased at MTF Pula in 2019.

Rani Dar (Play This Wall) and Viktor Löfgren (Thrive – Youth and Integration) also had projects selected as finalists and runners up, which was a remarkable achievement.

Who's doing this stuff well?


This might actually be the question I get asked most often. At the end of a seminar, a lecture or a guest talk at some event, somebody will raise their hand, and ask the question. I kind of dread it, because I can only really disappoint every time I answer it, but almost every time I speak, it comes up again.

“Hi, that was interesting and I can see that I’m going to have to pay more attention to the web / put an RSS feed on my site / get my own URL / use innovative strategies to promote my music, etc. I’ve read your 20 Things e-book, and I want to implement all that stuff…

“But can you please point me to an example of someone who is doing all of the things you suggest really well, so I can model my site after theirs?”