New approach


Like a garden, a website needs to be tended, pruned and taken care of. Occasionally, things need to be uprooted, and new things planted. It’s not a perfect metaphor. You get the idea. I’m changing stuff around here.

I’ve been thinking a great deal about ways to invigorate New Music Ideas. At present, as you know, it’s a site where one of a handful of music industry types (sometimes it’s me, usually not) reviews a website purporting to be of some help to independent musicians and music industry types like yourself.

But it occurs to me that this under-utilises this site’s greatest asset: its readership. Our opinions on music sites can be instructive and occasionally even accurate. Your opinions combined are authoritative.


What is it exactly that you do?

Okay. Let’s start with what should be a very simple question:
What do you do?

Relaxing“We’re a record label” or “I’m a distributor” or “I’m a singer/songwriter” or any similar kind of variation on that theme is The Wrong Answer. I didn’t ask what you are, or how you describe your job. I asked what you do.

Let’s not even think about the question “how do you make money?” yet. That’s not step one. Step one is just, very simply, “what is it that you do?”

Get out a piece of paper or open a new text document and just see what you come up with.