Unconvention Factory: all kinds of awesome

Ian, Saskia and Andrea at the Unconvention venue as the bands set up

The New Music Strategies team was delighted to be invited to Unconvention Factory in Macclesfield this past weekend.

For a start, it looked like it was going to mean an opportunity for us all to be in the same city in the world again for only the second time. Unfortunately, as it turned out, we had to make do without Steve, who was otherwise engaged being a successful, gigging independent solo bass playing musician.

We did, however, have a very productive meeting on the day before the event – and as a result, we have some fantastic projects coming up in the near future. Watch this space.

But we also managed to get in and get our hands dirty at the event itself – participating in a panel, hosting a workshop and presenting a radio show… and in my case, having my face encased in plaster for an art project.



I attended UnConvention in Manchester (actually, it was just around the corner in Salford) as a speaker and an enthusiastic participant, back in early October. It was one of those events where the buzz lasts well beyond the programme. There should (and will) be more like it.

Here’s a taste: