Podcast 5: Record Labels


In which Dubber and Steve talk at length about their own record labels from the past, record labels in general, the idea of signed versus unsigned artists, their motivations for starting a record label that will sign absolutely anyone, and the surprising consequences of that.

Mentioned are Any And All Records, Green Leaf Records, Babel Label, Debt Records, Calamateur, Will Worth, Pillow Mountain Records, and Bella Union.

Also, here’s Steve’s blogpost about “unsigned artists”.

Podcast 3: Money


In which Dubber and Steve talk about their newfound wealth, experiments with pricing and the economics and sociology of music (and other things) online.

Mentioned in this podcast:
Steve’s New Album: Believe in Peace
Dubber’s new book: Music in the Digital Age

Dubber’s blog post:
Why my book is free – and why it costs money

Steve’s blog post:
A little “Buy Music With Bandcamp” primer

The sizzle reel for Slingers.

Reprieve: Reprieve uses the law to enforce the human rights of prisoners, from death row to Guantánamo Bay.



Podcast 2: Reviews


Steve and I were on a train to London and thought it was a nice opportunity to have a podcast-style chat. After tossing a few topic ideas around, we decided to chat about reviews – which was topical for both of us for one reason or another. Hope you find it of interest.

In the podcast, we mention:

The music of Emily Baker;
The music of Calamateur;
The music of Steve Lawson
and how to submit your Bandcamp album for review.

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