Podcast 10: The death of ‘the death of music’

Dubber and Steve talk about the death of music, the stories we tell ourselves, experimental pragmatism… and there is pizza.

Stuff we mention along the way:

Guardian article: Music has died. DIED I tell you

Hypebot article about why the internet is a bad place to discover music.

Steve talks about why the internet is NOT a bad place to discover music.

Dubber posts on the CMC blog about Experimental Pragmatism

This is the pizza.


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Podcast 5: Record Labels


In which Dubber and Steve talk at length about their own record labels from the past, record labels in general, the idea of signed versus unsigned artists, their motivations for starting a record label that will sign absolutely anyone, and the surprising consequences of that.

Mentioned are Any And All Records, Green Leaf Records, Babel Label, Debt Records, Calamateur, Will Worth, Pillow Mountain Records, and Bella Union.

Also, here’s Steve’s blogpost about “unsigned artists”.