AmpNMS is live

Welcome to AmpNMS – the live, online music knowledge event by New Music Strategies, powered by Amplified.

To join in go straight to the AmpNMS page (shown above). Here’s the link:

Then enter your name to join the chat and press play on the live streaming video. The rest will be entirely self-explanatory. See you at 4pm UK time and again at 8pm UK time today (Tuesday) and tomorrow.

Welcome to the first ever AmpNMS event

Here at New Music Strategies, we’re bored with the same old conversations about whether or not the internet is a good thing for musicians and for music. It’s a brilliant thing for music. Best thing that’s happened to music since microphones. So now what?

Well, for the next two days here at New Music Strategies we’re teaming up with the Amplified crew to bring you an online music industry knowledge event unlike any you’ve experienced before. We call it AmpNMS.

It’s about music entrepreneurship. It’s about your relationship with fans. It’s about underground music scenes. It’s about technology.

It’s live, it’s online, it’s totally free, and it’s completely interactive.

We’re not going to talk at you and expect you to sit there and just listen. We want to talk with you. We want to hear your ideas. And we’re not just going to retread the same old territory. It’ll be fresh, intelligent, interesting and challenging.

It’s New Music Strategies, Amplified.


NMS Meets Amplified, To Talk About Things That Matter

Photo by Tracy Apps

I love it when I get to combine different parts my life. Whether it’s playing music combined with teaching it, or doing fun online conversation things a la Amplified and at the same time helping musicians understand what the web makes possible for them…

Bringing together New Music Strategies with Amplified always makes me very happy.

Last year, we did a transatlantic round table discussion – I and 3 musicians were in Nashville, while Dubber, Ian and Saskia headed up a room full of NMS-types in Somerset, England. We threw ideas back and forward, answered questions, and had a great chat about how life is for independent musicians, and how it could be.

This year, we’re taking it all a step further.


Frome and away


Ian, Saskia and I went to Frome in Somerset for the Being Human Weekend.

Lovely town, and we met some fantastic people and listened to some great electronic and experimental music. And for the record, you actually say “Froom”, so the pun in the title of this post doesn’t really work. But you can be assured that we came up with dozens of puns on both pronunciations, just to be balanced and fair.

I moderated a panel about digital strategies for independent music, featuring Will Plowman from A Future Without, Steve Robson from SubHub and electronic artist Laura B.