Okay, so there’s no such real job as a “virtual intern”, but I’m just going to pretend and see what happens.

New Music Strategies is at the point now where it needs to expand a little. I’m looking for a volunteer worker to do a bit of research and information management, so that I can focus on the analysis side of things here at NMS HQ and build up that side of things.

I mean — if I’m going to go around sticking ads in, then I better up my game in terms of the content I’m giving my readers, and I’m going to need a bit of back end help to make that happen.

You don’t have to live in the same town, city, country or time zone as me. You just have to be interested in the music industry and the online environment, have an email address, a good grasp of RSS and a working familiarity with del.icio.us (and possibly Diigo)… and you’ve got to want to actually do the job.

This is a daily gig — about half an hour to an hour a day, maybe five days a week — and it comes with no pay. There is no earthly reason why you might want to do this, except perhaps as a work experience exercise or to put down on your CV.

I can promise that it’ll be interesting (or at least, it’s all about stuff that I find interesting anyway, so if you’re reading this, chances are that’d be true for you too), but it won’t be rewarding in any traditional sense.

I might buy you a little token gift around Christmas time if it all works out well, but the work will pretty much need to be its own reward. That said, as you might guess, this is part of an overall project to ‘build my team’ — and if things take off in the way and direction they look like they might, being on the inside from the outset might be kind of cool.

I imagine this is going to suit someone young and enthusiastic with solid tech skills, decent written communication skills and a pre-existing interest in this blog.

If there’s a reason you think you’d be right to do this, drop me an email: dubber@gmail.com