In the spirit of making money from music online (which, after all, is why we’re here), I’ve rediscovered a way of making money online through talking about making money from music online, online.

A while back, when I was messing around with the template of this site, I set up a New Music Strategies bookshop using Amazon’s aStore.

Then I did a site redesign (or, more accurately, my clever friend did a site redesign) and I didn’t revisit the idea.

Then, after putting advertising on the site, I received a couple of emails recommending I try an Amazon associate membership, so that when people buy books on this subject, I’d get a little cut. I’m told it can be quite effective.

Since I’d already set it up, it wasn’t too difficult to get that back up and running, and now you can pop into the New Music Strategies store, see what books I recommend when it comes to this stuff, and do a spot of shopping while you’re there.

And since this is still an experiment, I’ll let you know how well it works, whether it’s a better strategy than Google Adsense and what sort of reaction I get to it.