Pile of CDsThanks to Mark from Iron Man Records for this.

The European market for music CDs is rapidly expanding: almost 2.9 billion compact discs were produced in Western Europe in 1998. While this means that there is, for example, a huge range of high quality European pop music available, it also means that there are problems if people produce CDs that I don’t like.

In response to growing environmental issues, a UK company, Polymer Reprocessors of Merseyside, has created a specialist system to decollate and recycle compact discs. As a result, 100 per cent of all materials from cased CDs are recycled for use in new applications. The Company’s high security system removes the need to use landfill, incineration or creative disposal as part of the process and is already being used in the UK by the three largest international music companies whose artist roster have clearly been filling landfill sites faster than anyone else.

So – got unloved CDs? Get them to:

Polymer Reprocessors Limited
Reeds Lane
Moreton, Wirral
CH46 1DW

Telephone: +44 (0)151 707 3684

On arrival the cds will be destroyed and 100% of the parts will be recycled.

In addition to providing a cost effective, entertaining and environmentally friendly method of disposal, the system produces high
quality crystal polystyrene pellet used in the manufacture of such product as CD cases and artificial wood.

Polycarbonate derived from the discs themselves is currently being used in alarm panels and lighting lenses.

The Company has a fully auditable security system, tracking discs through all stages of the process, from decollation through to the point where their data is destroyed, at which stage certificates of destruction are issued to the manufacturers.

How’s that for a new music strategy? I didn’t mention blogging even once.