I’ve had a lot of email about the free 20 Things e-book. Mostly people saying nice things. Some wanting to pay money for it.


I’ve received quite a few emails about the book, asking if it was available in print. It wasn’t — although there’s a cut-down booklet version of about half the length being prepared as we speak. It’s for a free giveaway by West Midlands creative sector development agency Digital Central.

But one of my correspondents reminded me that there are a couple of book self-publishing websites online. Lulu.com comes highly recommended. In half an hour this morning, I’ve uploaded the book, formatted it for print and it’s now available as a softcover for £14.

In that price is a little markup for me — just enough to buy me a cup of coffee to celebrate if I happen to sell one.

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.So… it’s yours to download free, but if you need a copy for reading in the bath, or to throw into your guitar case, buy my free e-book in dead tree format.

Oh yeah — and they’ll also handle music download sales and CD manufacture and retail.