As promised, The 20 Things You Must Know About Music Online is available for download as a pdf ebook. Get yours now.

20 Things

I am so absolutely stoked to be able to make available the 20 Things as a free PDF ebook.

Adam Williams, who did the layout and design, did a spectacular job — and I’m very pleased to have had the support of Digital Central to get it knocked into a presentable shape.

So… what are you waiting for? Download the free e-book now.

Feel free to give it away, make it available for download from your own site, forward the link to your friends, talk about it on your blog and otherwise make it as widely available as you want.

There’s a cut-down print version in the pipeline — and some of this site’s readers have signed up to receive that free as well. It’ll take a bit of time. Physical objects take longer — especially when you’re taking half the words out to fit the specifications — but it’ll be a handy bit of bathtime reading once it’s available.

But for now, I think a drink is in order.