20 Things in Chinese

My free e-book, The 20 Things You Must Know About Music Online is finally available in Chinese.

It was translated months ago. I was the bottleneck. I was quite nervous about formatting and laying it out, and so I put it off for ages. For which I apologise.

It’s a bit of an epic. 120 pages. The English version comes in at 96 pages. I had professional layout assistance with the original. I’ve had a go at the new version myself in true DIY style. My guess is that I’ve introduced some errors along the way, not reading Chinese and all…

I’m also in the process of preparing the 2nd edition of the book (over and above the 100 Questions book, also in the works), which is turning into something of a complete rewrite. I’m trying to pack it full of implementable strategies rather than just tell you about things you should be aware of.

But the stuff in the original is still relevant and the issues are still crucially important to musicians and the independent music sector. So if you’re new to this site, or you haven’t come across the ebook yet – go fetch it. It’s free and everything.

Go download:

The 20 Things in English

or (NEW!):
The 20 Things in Chinese.

My thanks go to Tze-Ern Liew for his incredible voluntary work translating the book. I’m really very, very grateful and I apologise that it’s taken this long to see the light of day.

I’m aware of two other translations in the works – into Portuguese and into Dutch. As those become available, I’ll release them here – and if you were inclined to put it into any other language (Italian, French, German, Maori, Spanish, Russian, Swahili, Klingon, Elvish, Cobol, American…) I’d be incredibly grateful.