I don’t check my web stats very often, but I was surprised to learn that nobody has visited New Music Strategies in over a week. Not one person.


When I do look at the statistics on my website, which isn’t very often, I’m always surprised to learn that anywhere between 700 and 1200 individual visitors turn up each day. Feedburner says I have 860-odd subscribers. It’s hardly broadcasting, but it’s a little bit humbling all the same.

But if I was ever to get an inflated ego about the number of people who read this blog, the bubble has been well and truly burst. I just checked, and not a single soul has read New Music Strategies since the 18th of this month. Even now, though you think you’re reading this, you’re clearly not.

I’ve checked. I have the Reports plugin for WordPress, and I’ve looked using AW Stats and Webalizer. All of them say that the site has died a death.

Either nobody reads this site anymore, or those that do don’t actually exist.

I don’t particularly need to know how many people are reading in order to keep writing. It’s nice to feel like this is helpful — but I’m not trying to sell advertising or anything, so the information’s not critical.

The world of web stats is a bit of a mystery to me — at least from the point of view of how they work. I know this stuff is important and useful business information for people like you who want to gauge the results of different marketing strategies — so perhaps someone with a bit of technical knowledge in this department might be able to enlighten us.

If you have any clues as to what’s up, perhaps you could leave a comment below. If, in fact, you’re really there.