We’ll return to our regularly scheduled series of ‘questions I keep getting asked about music online‘ after the weekend. In the meantime, I just wanted to follow up this thread of video services. I tried all the ones that were suggested to me – and a couple of others too. I’ve ended up at blip.tv.

I like the interface, I’m happy with the video quality, it has some nice podcast-friendly applications – but it’s also very simple and very user-friendly. I’ve grown to like the idea of the 90-second “long photograph” of Flickr – but for my purposes, this will do me. And besides – quite a few readers reported problems with the image embed in RSS readers.

And to those who’ve asked “why not Vimeo?” (the closest contender): It’s the typography. The font they put over the videos themselves is kind of ugly. Until something better comes along (or unless this proves to be a feed-reader unfriendly move to make), I’m hitching my video blogging wagon to blip.tv.

I’m looking forward to putting some whole seminars up there. Next addition is the tripod and a decent mic to attach. Recommendations?