Yes, Yes and (mostly) Yes.

One caveat: when Jay Smooth says “music industry” he means “record business”. There’s a whole lot of stuff going on out there in the music industry which has nothing to do with making and selling recordings.

There are people teaching music for money, people making and selling instruments, people booking gigs and people putting music into movies. Lots of other stuff besides. But the record business has tricked us into using the phrase “music industry” – like they’re the whole deal.

But the record business claiming to be the music industry is like the lions claiming to be the zoo. They’ve got the biggest teeth and can make the most noise, but actually, the music industry is a vibrant, interesting and diverse place where lots of cool stuff happens.

My bet is that this party he’s talking about will be happening over where the monkeys hang out. Probably the code monkeys at that.

By the way: I knew Jay Smooth was cool. Didn’t realise he was Mahavishnu Orchestra cool…