Birmingham Music Network logoThis afternoon, I’m heading to a meeting of the Birmingham Music Network. This is a forum within which local representatives of different sectors of the music industry have a say about what they’ve been up to, the various difficulties they’ve been having, new projects they’re starting and general news and information.

It’s a great way to get to know people in the sector, as well as find out about interesting opportunities ahead of time — and get erroneous notions about ‘the way the world of music business should work’ permanently removed.

You see, it’s not just WHO you know… but also WHAT. Networks such as this are critical for both of these things.

These days, having a strong network of advice and guidance as well as passing familiarity with the people who know how to get you up the next rung of your particular ladder is very, very important.

But that’s not a ‘New Music Strategy’. Surely that’s the oldest one there is.

Well, yeah – but we now live in an utterly networked world. That’s what this internet thing you’re using right now is: a bunch of people connected together.

With that in mind, I’ve set up the New Music Strategies Forum.

Like the face-to-face Birmingham Music Network I attend religiously, it’s a place to come together, ask questions, dispense wisdom, talk about what’s on your mind, and give advice, links and other useful, supportive and generally helpful bits of information in an informal and friendly setting.

Of course, the New Music Strategies Forums are intended to be broadly about the ways in which all aspects of music enterprise can make their way in the digital age – but there’s no need to restrict it purely and simply to website related stuff. New Music Strategies include any new way of approaching this business of music.

So jump in. Ask questions. Establish yourself as an expert. Talk about something you tried that worked. Talk about something you tried that didn’t work. Have your say.

Look forward to chatting with you in there.