I said I’d do some short blog posts, so here’s one.

I signed up to eMusic in January. Love it to bits. £8 a month, give or take, and I get around 3 or 4 albums (30 tracks). Used up my first 80 downloads (50 freebies to get me on board, plus the standard 30) in the space of a week. Spent the next two weeks aching to get back to the site and hoover up some more music.

Time passed. February arrived. Haven’t been back to the site. I’ve only just remembered, and I suspect it might get to the point where a month will pass and I’ll have missed my chance. Does anyone know if this is typical of something?

Also – other than the Francisco Aguabella record, which I’ve already chosen, can you recommend some interesting, unusual and genuinely delightful music that I should download from the site?

I’m doing a bit of a Latin, Cuban, Calypso, 50s Carribean thing at the moment. Pointers welcomed.