Sent me an application to write for the new blog? Cool.
Please send it again!

Photo by freezelight

It’s been brought to my attention that some of the submissions from people wishing to blog about the online music environment in different parts of the world have ended up being labelled as ‘spam’ and some of these have been permanently deleted in error.

I apologise for this. Normally my spam filtering systems are pretty robust – but in this instance, they’ve identified a few false positives, and so there are at least three people that I know of who have met this fate.

I go through the Spam folder every few days or so with a quick scan before doing a complete dump. My quick scans have become really cursory because the spam filter has been so accurate until now. For some reason, if you say where you’re from (particularly if you’re in South American countries, African countries — or Canada) then you end up in the Spam folder.

Could you please do me a favour? Resend your application. And this time, please use the following subject line:

The New Music Biz

I’ve set up a filter to redirect anything with that title into a particular folder, so it can’t get misfiled or inadvertently deleted. I’m sorry for the hassle.