New Music Ideas

New Music Strategies has a sister site. It’s called New Music Ideas. It started life as a place where a handful of clever people – and me – investigated websites that claimed to be of use to musicians and people in the music business. We wrote reviews of those sites and told you what we thought.

But after some careful consideration over the weekend – and something of an epiphany (a word I like to use instead of the phrase ‘being struck by the bloody obvious’) – I thought it would make sense for you to review these sites instead. Everyone wants to know what you think.

So now how it works is this: I point you to a website – you contribute your thoughts, reviews and feedback in the comments. Simple.

So as a trial run, to see how it all works – the first site up for review on New Music Ideas is this one: New Music Strategies.

Now of course I may well be asking for trouble here, but I’m genuinely interested too: Is it working for you? How could I improve it? That sort of thing.

Let’s hear what you have to say.

I’ll also be looking for sites you think need reviewing – so be sure and let me know if you use any really good ones, really bad ones, or ones that need a bit of feedback. That’s what New Music Ideas is all about now.

Review this website on New Music Ideas.