Content agenda

I did an interview by email for a website called Content Agenda. Some really great questions too.

I decided in advance that my answers should, for once, be succinct and to the point rather than try and go into too much depth and end up writing entire essays on each point – but I feel like I just come off as a bit abrupt and irritable. Oops.

CA: The music industry has gone through format shifts before, as well as shifts in how music is consumed (i.e. sheet music to recorded music), and emerged intact but changed. Is the current upheaval likely to follow the same pattern, or is their something fundamentally different about the digital revolution?

This is not a format shift. It’s not like when we went from records to CDs. This is more like when we went from printed sheet music to recorded music. It’s a change in the whole media environment as it relates to music. Recorded music will still (obviously) exist – but it may not end up being the main way in which we engage with music economically.

Go read the full interview. And please excuse my terse manner – my mission was to be coherent, not snippy.