Outside the Box panel
Steve, Amran, Abi, Stef & Caro in a church hall in Salford

This is the audio recording of the panel session I chaired at Un-Convention in Manchester last month. It was about music that falls outside the indie rock band tradition you’d normally expect represented at these sorts of events. I wanted to know if there were any lessons that could be drawn from outside the margins.

Some really amazing and insightful stuff from Stef Lewandowski, Steve Lawson, Amran Ellahi, Abigail Seabrook, and Caroline Churchill.

I actually posted this on my personal blog first, which is kind of telling. I think of these people as my friends, so that’s where it seemed to make sense. But then, of course, I realised (duh…) that it might be of interest to the sort of people who read New Music Strategies.

Hope you find it helpful and interesting.

You can listen to all of the panel sessions at the Un-Convention Soundcloud page… and you can follow the panellists (other than Abi, who I can’t find) on Twitter:

Stef Lewandowski: @stef
Steve Lawson: @solobasssteve
Amran Ellahi: @aashiqalrasul
Caroline Churchill:@carosnatch

and of course, I’m @dubber.