What do they say it is?
Oomix allows musicians to make and sell music collaboratively online DRM free. The site also features a lot of social networking elements to allow musicians to talk and work on creative projects. Join free as a musician, a band or a record label and begin to meet people like you.

Securely upload your tracks and begin mixing them with others in the free studio. Master your song and choose the ownership percentages of all tracks and production. When all musicians agree to the song and their ownership publish it to the shop and make money from sales.

What do we say it is?
Another way to create music socially online by collaborating in a virtual studio. You have to buy credits to post and listen to tracks and to publish finalised songs, though everyone receives free credits when they sign up to the site. You can also win prizes.

What’s great about it?
It’s still under development — like so much else, this is in Beta — so you’ve got a chance to play with it, see if it works the way you want it to, and maybe make suggestions.

Best of all, as a promotional giveaway opportunity, New Music Ideas readers (that’s you) can sign up with the promtional code NEWMUSICIDEAS and get lots of those credits for free.

What could be better?
Explain to me why we’re buying credits? I don’t quite get that bit. Why aren’t you just taking a cut of the sales of tracks like regular people?

How can I use this?
Get in there and make some music with some people. Then you can go about selling it to people who like the sound you made with people you’ve never met. Everyone who joins Oomix gets their own customisable microsite to promote themselves and their music.

Hooray! Another online profile to maintain!

Should I pay it any attention?
It’s definitely worth a look. You may make some of the best music of your career with talented people you’ve never been in the same country in — let alone the same room. And if you make something, you can sell it, so that’s worth a look.

Aside from anything else, you get free stuff just for reading this site. That’s worth an explore. Go check it out.