All your video are belong to us

YouTube’s new policy says: we own your content.
Before you upload that video of your 19-person indie rocker reggae band, for instance, you may want to read the fine print. YouTube’s "new" Terms & Conditions allow them to sell whatever you uploaded however they want.

Musicians ‘upbeat’ about the net
Musicians are embracing the internet as a way of reaching new fans and selling more music, a survey has found. The study by US researchers, Pew Internet, suggests musicians do not agree with the tactics adopted by the music industry against file-sharing.

Howstuffworks "How Music Royalties Work"
Let’s say a CD sells for $15. Right away we deduct 25% from that for packaging, which makes the royalty base $11.25. Now let’s say our artist has a 10% royalty rate and that his CD sells one million copies. That sounds great! The artist would earn $1,125,000! Except 10% of those were actually freebies, so we really have to calculate that royalty based on 900,000, which makes the royalty $1,012,500, and of course, there are few costs we haven’t talked about yet.

The Top 10 Arguments Against DRM
One question we get a lot here at LearnOutLoud is why we’ve chosen to go DRM-free with our digital downloads. I’ve explained it to a number of people and written a number of posts about it but I’ve never summarized our reasons for going the DRM-free route in one post before. So here goes…

Royalty checks not in the mail for artists
Attention, heirs to Sheb Wooley and Grandpa Jones. There are digital music royalty checks waiting for you, set to expire if you don’t register with a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit by Dec. 15. It has the ring of an email scam, but the company, SoundExchange, Inc., was created to collect and distribute royalties from digital music. A trial currently underway before the U.S. Copyright Royalty Board could result in SoundExchange being named the sole company permitted to do so, and performing artists and their advocates – as well as a SoundExchange competitor – are taking issue.

Pitch battles MySpace mobile
Pitch is the latest firm to launch a social networking site for mobile phones as content companies battle for position ahead of the launch of MySpace Lite.