See that big orange button up the top there? Go click it. Then don’t come back.

My observation that my stats were down yesterday actually caused some people to apologise that they were just looking at the RSS feed, using Google Reader or similar. Let’s be clear: I’d far rather you were just looking at the RSS feed.

In fact, this should be your approach too. No matter how wonderful your web design, it’s far better that somebody keeps up with your writing, news, happenings and events without effort than occasionally remembered to stop in and see if there’s something new.

RSS provides a way for your readers (or, in this instance, my readers) to opt in and automatically receive everything. It’s like having an open invitation to come into their house whenever you feel like it, and tell them stuff you think is interesting.

How much more value is that to someone who wants to make money out of building a relationship around music online than something as passive and vulnerable as a simple web page?