Having had an encouraging response to my request for virtual interns, I’ve put my top applicants to the task of reinvigorating the Newswire.

Here are some things that struck me about the people who applied for the ‘position’ (not a job, as such, as I’m not offering anything by way of reward) of Virtual Intern:

1) They’re all male
2) They’re all over 25 (and some considerably over 35)
3) They live all over the place
4) They’re all smart and have far better things to do
5) They’re all flatteringly keen to help me out

I’ve set the VIs to work on collecting the most interesting and important bits of online news and commentary about the music industry and posting them to the Newswire page. If you haven’t checked out the Newswire before, this would be the time to start.

Best of all, the page generates an email that once a day will send you a collection of links to these articles and a short description of what the articles are about. Just put your email address into the appropriate place in the sidebar, and you’ll get them in your inbox each day. Just one email per day — no spam ever.

The Newswire is brought to you by the generous voluntary work of John, Tze-Ern, Gary, Laurence, Brendan, Andy, Matt and Ben. All hemispheres are represented, and hopefully this will give a much broader and complete view of music industry comment online.

It’s a greatly appreciated and valuable bit of archival and filing work via del.icio.us. Thanks so much, guys…