After receiving a bit of encouragement (let’s not call it nagging) from a bunch of musicians who love the SoundCloud service, I’ve added a Dropbox to my sidebar. There it is, just under the Search bar. That way, if you want to send me one of your songs, you can just click it, upload – and I’ll get it in my Soundcloud Inbox.

I quite like the service – even though you can only upload 5 tracks a month without paying. It’s useful for promo-ing, for sharing tracks with people you’re working with and also for putting songs on your own site (though Bandcamp does that one better).

Here’s an example.

It does raise the question – why would you send me your songs? I don’t review music on this site. I don’t manage or book bands. I don’t even offer feedback. Probably won’t even tell you whether I like it or not (because sometimes I just don’t).

I’m more than happy to listen to your music, and happy to have this service at hand that makes it easy for you to send it to me – but I’d be curious to find out why you might feel it’s worth your time and energy to do so.

I promise to do nothing more than listen to it – and even that may not happen immediately…

Some people have cautioned me that I’m opening the floodgate – but I’m curious to see what turns up – and suspect that most people will figure they have better and more important people to send their music to.

I’ll let you know what turns up.