Still true

A while back, I released an e-book called The 20 Things You Must Know About Music Online. Some people seemed to like it, and I’ve started on a new book tentatively called 100 Questions I Keep Getting Asked About Music Online.

But completion seems a way off. At my current rate of progress, we’re talking end of August — maybe mid-September.

But the e-book seems a good idea, and people seem to like downloading them and sending them to each other. So, just as an experiment, I’ve compiled a short PDF e-book based on a series of blog posts I did last year about things that haven’t changed as a result of the internet.

This one features a much smaller number in the title.

Download: Five Things That Are Still True [PDF] and feel free to distribute it widely, make it available from your own site, email it to anyone or give it away to your customers or members.

And if you’re interested, I’ll do a bunch more.

I have a list of 30+ topics to write, compile and otherwise assemble shorter form e-books for your reading pleasure. It might slow progress down a little on the bigger project – but in the interests of just getting stuff out there…