It’s great that you read this blog. But sometimes you need something with a bit of meat to it. Something with a couple of hundred pages, and that you can read in the bath.

NMS Bookshop

There are dozens of books out there that can help you make your way in the modern music business. I’ve identified close to a hundred of the best ones, and I’ve put them all together in a New Music Strategies Bookstore.

If you’ve visited the store in the past, you won’t recognise it now. I’ve just stocked the shelves full of all of the best books that can be bought on the topic of running an independent music business, and surviving in the online environment as a musician.

It’s powered by Amazon, so you can feel secure in your purchases, and each book has been hand-selected by me. I’m on my way to a Top 100 Most Helpful Books About The Contemporary Music Business — and I’m selecting the last few now.

There are works on:

  • Starting an independent label
  • Managing artists
  • Marketing on MySpace
  • Music copyright
  • Concert promotion and touring
  • Music industry careers
  • Self-promotion ideas
  • Global music marketing
  • And dozens more. There’s even one that will tell you how to write a hit song.

    I’ve filtered out most of the crap (and believe me — there’s a lot of garbage published about the music business) and I’ve also limited it to books written in the last five years, so it’s up to date, relevant information that you can immediately apply to your music business, whatever that might be.

    Of course, since it’s an Amazon store, you can pretty much buy anything else you want there, from iPods and Scrabble games to electric shavers and movies on DVD. Just search the relevant category, or browse the links down the side.

    Go visit the New Music Strategies bookshop, and spend happy in the knowledge that what you buy there also helps contribute to the upkeep of this site, the hosting — and all the new stuff that’s going to be starting here on Monday.

    See you back here for that announcement.


    There’s a lot of great books here. But I may have missed your favourite. Let’s have your recommendations for best and most helpful books for independent music business.