Steve Lawson from Andrew Dubber on Vimeo.

You’re probably aware that I use Twitter. In fact, I’m a bit of an evangelist for it. I think it’s up there with Email and RSS as one of the few absolutely killer online appliances – and pretty much a must for musicians and independent music businesses these days.

And yet, it’s been getting some bad press. There are people who say it’s all narcissists and psychopaths. Others who claim it’s just a hiding ground for celebrity junkies.

Steve Lawson, one of my top must-read music business thinkers, wrote a blog post today that explains Twitter in the face of some terrible journalism. I caught up with him for lunch in London and we had a chat about it.

Quite predictably, I made a video. That’s it up there.

Steve’s post is called Twitter sucks, so change your friends. For more on Twitter for musicians, read Ariel Hyatt’s Music Think Tank post and Steve’s Top Twitter Tips for Musicians

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Feel free to leave your own Twitter user name in the comments. It’d be great to have a scan through, locate and connect with some NMS readers using the platform…