rock video

One of the best ways to promote your music is through the use of video. While not all of us have the massive budgets sometimes at play in the world of MTV, not of all of us are happy with the results of a handheld camera in the rehearsal room either.

And there’s something inherently viral about a great, clever, funny or surprising music video. How many times were you sent The JCB Song, Here It Goes Again, Pork and Beans, or I’m Lame?

So in order to get something up on YouTube or Vimeo – something that can then be embedded on the band’s webpage, Facebook or MySpace profile – something that looks really professional but doesn’t cost more than a house… where do you turn?

I recently stumbled across Radar Music Videos. It’s a site that connects independent video producers with musicians, with some quite spectacular results. For quite realistic budgets, there are some very impressive music promo clips.

But the best thing about Radar is the fact that it’s a community. You can see the work of a number of filmmakers (and the bands whose videos they’ve shot), comment on their work, read ratings, get feedback and generally know what you’re getting before you commit yourself to anything.

To date, I haven’t seen much else like it. I’m sure there’s something out there, but I’m not finding it.

There are, of course, thousands of fledgling independent film-makers out there. Students finishing media courses at the local university, enthusiastic TV employees looking for a weekend project, hobbyists and even high-end professional production houses who take on low budget projects.

The trick is to find someone whose work you already like – and try to work with them. There are good deals to be had, and sometimes a clever idea will beat a glossy production. But even a clever idea will require somebody who knows how to communicate that through the medium of video.

What’s your experience of getting a budget clip filmed, and getting it out there? Who do you recommend? Any tips?