Mushi MushiDistraction Records are giving their music away online. Not just samples, and not just tracks off albums — the entire back catalogue.

I suspect it will turn out to be the smartest thing they’ve done online, and will not only boost their profile, but will radically improve their bottom line.

They’re certainly going to get a willing customer in me. But first, I actually get to find out if I like their music. I get to live with it. See if it fits in with the rest of my collection. Listen to it in context. Learn to love it. Then, once I’m in love with the first Mushi Mushi release — I’ll be back for the second, cash in hand.

I’ve been saying for some time now that one of the best ways to make money with music over the internet is to give it away. I’ve even tried to convince a couple of record labels to attempt this strategy by way of experiment, but I think this is the first time I’ve seen it done to this extent. For that, Distraction Records should be congratulated for their bravery, and their clear understanding of this new environment.

Go help yourselves – and help them out.

This is from their mailing list. Blog it. Email it to your friends:


Distraction Records have been knocking out diverse tunes for the fcked up children of the world for over four years now, in the form of lovely vinyls and immaculate CDs.

Now, we are sticking OUR ENTIRE BACK CATALOGUE for ABSOLUTELY NOWT on our website.

Go on, get your hands on them, its all yours for the taking. Burn off CDs, whack it on yer ipods, forward them to your mates, dub bloody duck noises over the little beggars for all we care, its all there, and its all yours, all in lovely variable bit-rated mp3 format to ensure that they sound as good as if they were on CD.

So why are we doing this? Well, why not? Do you want to pay 99p for a DRM-restricted mp3 from itune$ with its outdated business models that couldn’t care less whether you live or die? No! So visit the website, use up our bandwidth, get them downloaded, and enjoy.

Of course, none of this would be possible without you good good people supporting us by buying something from our online shop (www.distractionrecords.com/shop.htm). Remember, every single penny that we make gets ploughed into future releases, there’s no hidden motive behind anything, all we want to do is ensure that our off-kilter musical offerings get heard, we get NO financial help in the way of grants or suchlike, so the only way that we can continue is if we sell more records! If you like what you hear, please consider purchasing something from our shop. Every little helps, so they say. . .

So! Take advantage NOW: www.distractionrecords.com. Browse the releases section, and grab it all!

Coming soon to Distraction Records next year:
CD albums from Japanese postrock overlords The Retail Sectors, the long long LONG-awaited debut long-player from Mushi Mushi, the bittersweet powerpop of Blackflower. . . and maybe some other oddities too. . .

Take it easy. . .
Distraction. x.

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