Now that there are ads on New Music Strategies, I’m looking around for the pros and cons. There’s an unexpected consequence that might just make it worth keeping them there.

Okay, so the reason to have ads on a website is pretty much just to make money. But they can be used as a driver for repeat business — which in blog terms means RSS subscribers.

I did have a play around with a couple of plugins that promised to hide the ads from regular visitors to my site and people who have left comments — but all they seemed to do is break the template, so I’ve removed them. The plugin that I’ve used to place the ads is not compatible with the plugin I’d use to hide them. So we’re back where we started.

But there is a way to enjoy the site, and not have to look at the ads:
Subscribe to my RSS feed.

Everything I post on New Music Strategies shows up in the RSS feed. I’m not a big believer in partial feeds that drive traffic to the site. If you’re going to subscribe, I appreciate it, and you can have the whole thing in the way that you want it. Without the ads.

If RSS is a bit of a mystery to you, you might find the chapter I wrote about it in my free ebook helpful.