In response to the emails of suspicion, disbelief and concern over my admission of the 1000+ RSS feeds, I’ve decided to imagine what it might be like to go nearly entirely without.


I had a fair bit of response to my last post, about the 1000+ RSS feeds. While some people were all ‘Wow – that’s amazing’, most were more along the lines of ‘Are you mental?!’

And here’s me thinking it was a relaxing morning ritual to start the day in an admittedly geeky, but hardly pathological way.

But since less is more, here’s a meme for you:

Desert Island Feeds
Imagine you’re stuck on a desert island, and your only source of information about the world around you comes from your choice of ten RSS feeds. Which do you pick?

Oh all right, all right — let’s say you have a laptop and a power supply, and there’s this wifi connection. But you can somehow only get 10 feeds…

So it’s not a terribly realistic scenario — but then neither is that radio show about the records. Just pretend, okay?

So — which do you choose?

With links going to the feeds, rather than the originating site, here are mine:

1) Public Address
Quality collection of bloggers from New Zealand. Smart, opinionated, funny and important stuff. This is where I come from, and it’s my taste of home.

2) Created in Birmingham
The best and most frequently interesting blog from my city of residence. Actually, I could have chosen any one of Pete Ashton’s blogs, but this one takes in all the creative sector stuff that I’m interested in too.

3) Mashable
Desert Island or not, I’m still going to be a geek and I’m still going to need to know what’s going on at the cutting edge of culture, technology, social networking and internet communication. This is my go-to site for that stuff.

4) Coolfer
Smart, level-headed music industry thinking. This is the one I’d stay in touch with to keep an eye on what’s going on in the biz…

5) Guardian Unlimited
I’d like to know what’s going on in the world of traditional news too. This is the feed from the front page.

6) Jane in Progress
A good writer, talking about how to be good at writing. Sure, it’s aimed at budding telly scribblers (she writes some of the best telly out), but the tips in there are invaluable for anyone who writes anything. And she tells you what she had for lunch.

7) Flickr Tag: Music
One of the most consistently interesting floods of photos you could hope for. Anyone who’s taken a picture of a concert, a player or a bunch of friends singing tends to include the word ‘music’ among the tags. Amazing how it’s all about people having a good time. I’d like to keep getting that one on my desert island.

8) Science Blogs
A collection of scientists who blog on a fascinating range of topics in a remarkable depth, incredibly regularly. This would keep me busy.

9) Lifehacker
I’m really very lazy. So even when stuck on a desert island with nothing to do, I’d quite like to be able to do it quickly and efficiently so I could take a break and go relax. Lifehacker would help me do that. It’s also a great source of knowledge for the music industries entrepreneur.

10) Boing Boing
Just to remind me it’s a weird and wonderful world.

So tag — you’re it. What are your 10 Desert Island RSS feeds? If you get stuck, there are lots of helpful suggestions over in the sidebar.