I’m more than halfway towards the money I’ll need to get me to the CMJ Music Marathon in New York. Er.. Big Issue anyone?

I’m absolutely overwhelmed by your generosity and I’m incredibly grateful to every person that has donated via Paypal to the fund that will see me attend the CMJ Music Marathon in New York in October.

Some people have donated £1, others over £100 — and I’m so excited and rather humbled each time I get another email notification, regardless of the figure. It’s not enough yet, but I’m still pretty hopeful…

Here’s the explanation of what I’m trying to do.

If you intend to donate, my deadline has been extended slightly. I was going to cut off on Friday so I can notify the organisers before the weekend as to whether I can get there or not — but I now have the weekend as a grace period to round up a few more pennies.

As before, if I don’t get the money I need in order to get there, I’ll just go through and refund everybody’s donations. If I do, then your name will be on a t-shirt I’ll wear in front of the 10,000 paid delegates. And I wear a large t-shirt…

I’m out and about going around the country on a research project (Bristol today, Cardiff tomorrow) so I’m reliant on internet cafes and the balance over on the right there will only get updated periodically, but I’m cautiously optimistic that there’ll be a last minute rush.

If you can spare £1 or $5 or 100 yen or whatever — I’d love it if you were able to help me get to New York to bring the New Music Strategies message. Just go to Paypal and send the money to dubber@gmail.com.

And, as I’ve mentioned, if you’re in the area at the time, I’ll be more than happy to meet up, chat about music online, give whatever advice I can and join you in a quiet drink.

Fingers crossed…


Incidentally, if you know any professional musicians in Cardiff that might be free for a chat tomorrow, give them my mobile number: 0787 016 0557. The meeting I had organised for tomorrow afternoon fell through. Any genre, any scene. Snacks and drinks on me. First bunch of musicians to get in touch (half a dozen, give or take) get my time, and I’ll be (as usual) very grateful.