No Tube for you, UK


I don’t watch a lot of music videos on YouTube. But I know that a lot of people do. So the dispute between the UK Performing Rights Society and YouTube is an interesting one.

In short, YouTube are blocking premium music videos in the UK, because the PRS is demanding a hefty increase in royalty payments. In other words, PRS have scored what must be the ultimate music revenue own goal.

By taking an aggressive stance and trying to squeeze everything they can out of an online service in the interests of its rights-holding members, they’ve managed to trigger a response that means that songwriters will get nothing from this important source because nobody here can watch their clips.




ReverbNation provides a whole lot of tools for the artists, record labels, management and venues.

Rather than acting as a platform in its own right (although you can use it as such), ReverbNation supplies you with widget tools, fan signup tools, mailing lists, street team management facilities and lots of different reporting tools so you can see who is doing what with your music and where. It’ll also help you get your music into Facebook.

Positioning itself as a kind of Swiss Army knife of online music business, ReverbNation certainly has a lot of features and uses. But is it any good?

Using ReverbNation? Has it helped? Is all that reporting useful or just information overload? What’s the best thing about ReverbNation? The worst? Let’s hear what you think…



This one’s in private beta – but it sounds like a great idea.

Bandmetrics was a semi-finalist at the TechCrunch 50, so that’s a good sign to start with. Sign up on the site – you might get lucky and get to try it out. If you do – be sure and head back this way and let us know if it’s any good.

As far as I can tell…

Bandmetrics uses a range of different information sources to track how well your band is doing on the internet. MySpace listens, friend adds, plays (I’m guessing now) – that sort of thing.

Any good? You be the critic… Let’s have your thoughts in the comments.