I get an awful lot of email, and I dispense with it quickly. Things are either “To do” (so they go into my “to do” system), or they are “For information”, so I file them appropriately – or they are Junk.

If I receive unsolicited email from a band promoting a gig or a record – then, like all spam, it gets filtered and I never hear from them again no matter what they send.

In this shorthand sorting system, sometimes I fire off responses a little too quickly and casually. Tonight I made a hasty mistake that I feel bad about and I apologise unreservedly to the band in question.


Nuala on the 20 Things

It’s not just for rock bands and rappers, you know…

I was presenting at a ‘getting into the music business’ seminar today, and in the break I was approached by Nuala Pinson who had managed to get hold of one of the (now quite rare) print copies of the 20 Things e-book. She was very enthusiastic about it, so I asked her if she’d mind if I asked her about it on camera.

Nuala on the e-book from Andrew Dubber on Vimeo.

Nuala’s looking for a bit of assistance with her website – and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind doing an exchange: implement the 20 Things on her behalf, and she’ll help you sleep better at night with one of her relaxation audio programmes.

E-book Nearly Ready

I’ve finished the final draft of the e-book, looked over it with a tired and blurry eye, sent the text off to the designer, and await the results. Shouldn’t be long now.

Do Follow

For the technically inclined, it might be interesting to note that I have installed a WordPress plugin that removes the ‘NoFollow’ tag from the comments, so links to your websites will be crawled by search engine spiders. Why should what I have to say be more important than what you have to say?


Thought of the day: The BPI and the RIAA claiming they represent the Music Industry is like the lions and the tigers claiming they represent the Zoo.