Six Apart Leads With Vox

Vox is the latest personal publishing destination to emerge from the halls of Six Apart, the San Francisco company that operates some of the world’s most popular blogging platforms: TypePad, Movable Type and LiveJournal.

In this Wired article, Six Apart’s new MySpace killer is examined. It blogs, it media-embeds, it social-networks — and it’s a damn sight better interface than MySpace. But is it 50 million users on the back foot?

It might be worth your while going and setting one of these things up — if for no other reason than it’ll give your real website another external link, and up the Google rankings you go. In the meantime, I’m still exploring this one, and I should have something more insightful to say about it in a day or two. Go have a play – and let me know what you think in the forum.