Pukka Profiles

What do they say it is?
Pukkaprofiles offers you the ability to easily promote your myspace profile for as little as £1, which, lets face it, is hardly going to break the bank. Your image and the accompanied link to your profile will be in front of those actively looking to discover new talent in any particular genre. By featuring on the homepage you could be the talent they find.

What do we say it is?
A nice little scheme to offer advertising space to artists who want to draw attention to their MySpace pages, and make a spot of regular income in the process. It’s pretty smart: by setting up 25 categories with 10 slots per category, the site owner has set up a nice little passive income earner of up to £250 a day.

What’s good about it?
It’s not a bad deal. You’re one of only 10 artists being profiled in your category and anyone checking out (say) Techno music is pretty likely to find your Techno music in the process. And it’ll only cost you £1 per day. Yeah — it’s a British site. Nobody else uses the word ‘pukka‘.

What could be better?
It needs a promotional strategy to get people actually finding the page in the first place — and I think the site owner is going to have to spend a bit on getting this in front of the right people for the momentum to kick off. In order for even £1 a day to be the bargain it sounds like, you need to have punters clicking on the links. Kind of a chicken and egg situation that requires a bit of cash to be thrown at it to resolve it.

How can I use this?
You can sign up and spend a few quid trying it out. You could also visit and click on a few links, and maybe tell other people what you think of it. This is going to be good if people use it.

Should I pay it any attention?
Yeah, I think you should. The site owner is generating the income to support a new online startup that he’s developing, and I think a few quid thrown in the direction of innovation is probably money well spent.