Other than at New Music Strategies, I can be found online at a number of other places. Today I rationalised a little.

Other blog

If you read New Music Strategies, that’s probably the only interaction you really need to have with me. You’re in and around the music business, and some of the things I say about music online is occasionally of interest.

However, there are some people who are interested in other things I talk about.

I have a blog where I say ‘here is some music that I like’. I have another one that says ‘look at what I found on the internet today’. There’s another that’s about ‘here is what I did today’. And yet another that says ‘I tried this whisky, and it was rather nice’.

And then there’s the Twitter, the Facebook, the (shudder) MySpace, the Last.fm and all the rest.

I needed to downsize a little. My non-New Music Strategies blogs are now just one. I’ve gone from having blogs plural and numerous to having just a blog. I still have the social network nattering bits and pieces (though if you leave me a note on MySpace it’ll be weeks before I see it) — but everything else has been collected together.

If you’re interested in single malt whisky, good music, my travels, curious discoveries of online treats and just general ephemera and miscellany associated with my life, it’s all now in one handy place: http://andrewdubber.com.

Like a one stop Dubber shop. Business card with contact details, profile, CV (soon), publications (pending), background (under construction) and diary (in progress).

Just thought I’d let you know.