I’ve long thought of starting a podcast about online music, but laziness tends to get in the way. I did, however, find a way of doing it without all the effort.

4Talent podcast

Local creative industry consultant and digital media producer Antonio Gould makes a podcast for the people at Channel 4’s 4Talent. Very good it is too.

The most recent one is about online music, and so he got in touch and asked me a few questions, while we sat in the Sage Wholefoods community garden, drank healthy beverages, munched on tasty snacks and let the world pass us by.

Can’t think of a better way to make media, really.

Antonio also drew on the insight of Craig Hamilton of Friends of the Stars and the legendary Camellotment, Anthony Volodkin from The Hype Machine, Chris from Deluka, Abi Seabrook from Lady Georgianna and Madeleine Mill, UK General Manager of eMusic.

Even Jibbering Records (my local haunt and second home) gets a look in.

Go have a listen.