Librarians revisited

A follow-up to my case study of independent New Zealand artists Haunted Love, whose Librarian song is rightly doing the rounds at the moment.

Haunted Love Comic

I received an email from Rainy from the band Haunted Love this week. With her permission — and because of the interest they generated — I’m republishing it here. Here’s the case study, in case you missed it. I recommend watching the video.


Case Study: UK Jazz distribution

Less than 5% of all of the music ever produced is currently available for sale in any form. Of the music that is available for sale, much of it is hard to find. Here’s one example.

Tim & John

I took a trip down to London the other day with Professor Tim Wall (seated) in order to meet jazz distributor John Jack from Cadillac Jazz.

Tim is doing an extensive research project on David Murray, and stumbled across John in his investigations.

David Murray is one of the most important saxophonists in jazz music. Period. And yet, his career has been so scantly documented, it is a real work of sleuthing for Tim to be able to put the pieces together. Who he worked with — what sorts of record deals he got involved with… even compiling a comprehensive list of his recordings has been a challenge.

This is not a figure from history. This is a man I saw play live a matter of months ago. And yet tracing his career has been an archaeological task.


Case Study: Advice for hopeful Librarians

A contact of mine in New Zealand has a band on his hands that might just be interesting enough to get a bit of traction on the world stage. It’s niche, it has ‘geek chic’ written all over it — and he needs a few pointers. Let’s be helpful.

browsingI thought it was about time we did a case study, so we can see some of the main tenets of the 20 Things in action. It’s one thing to have a set of general principles, but quite another to see how those principles can be applied.

So I was delighted when I received an email from Scott Muir from Dunedin Music with a request for guidance on a really interesting promotional challenge he’s been giving a bit of thought to recently.