The ’20 Things’ book

What started off as a series of blog posts from March to May 2007 is now a free ebook for you to read at your leisure.

20 Things e-bookYou can get The 20 Things You Must Know About Music Online as a PDF, or in Kindle or iBooks format. Download it here.

It’s currently being updated and incorporated into the much bigger and more comprehensive book, Music In The Digital Age. Get your copy for whatever you want to pay for it.

There are some other versions and translations of the 20 Things e-book below.

Download PDF
Download the free e-book in ENGLISH

Download Portuguese PDF
Download the PORTUGUESE version

Download Chinese PDF
Download the CHINESE version

Download Spanish PDF
Download the SPANISH version

Download German PDF
Download the GERMAN version

Listen to the 20 Things You Must Know About Music Online:
Also available as a free, unabridged audiobook [Rapidshare link], read by Anthony Richardson, produced by Lee Pritchard of Media Music Now, and featuring music by some of the excellent artists who read New Music Strategies.

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.If you’d prefer a print copy for reading in the bath, or to throw into your guitar case, you can also buy my free e-book in dead tree format.

Original blog posts
If you’d prefer to read the original articles as they were published here, then follow the links below.

THING 01: Don’t believe the hype
THING 02: Hear / Like / Buy
THING 03: Opinion Leaders Rule
THING 04: Customise
THING 05: The LongTail
THING 06: Web 2.0
THING 07: Connect
THING 08: Cross-promote
THING 09: Fewer Clicks
THING 10: Professionalism
THING 11: The Death of Scarcity
THING 12: Distributed Identity
THING 13: SEO (includes my top 10 tips)
THING 14: Permission and Personalisation
THING 16: Accessibility
THING 17: Reward & Incentivise
THING 18: Frequency Is Everything
THING 19: Make It Viral
THING 20: Forget product – sell relationship

And now – you can watch the video podcasts!