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The 3 types of music industry blog

I’ve taken what you might call a professional interest in the writing of ‘new music industry’ bloggers and pundits over the past decade, and while there is a great deal of disagreement among them, they all have certain similarities about their approach.

Or rather – their approaches, as there seem to be three main ones.

It’s useful to break these approaches down so that you can recognise them when you see them – but also in order to get a sense of how these kinds of information sources can be interpreted and used in a practical way in your own music industry practice.

You can probably think of other ways to slice this, but here are the three main ways in which I interpret the approaches of music industry bloggers.

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Just checking in to say hi


Hi. How’s it going?

I’ve been getting some emails recently from worried New Music Strategies readers. Some of them asking after my health (there’s nothing wrong with my health – but people assume the worst), and others prompting for a return to the blog so they can read more content.

It’s been a good couple of months since I wrote anything at all here – and longer since I did so with any regularity.

Well, I have some good news, and some other good news.

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A round of applause

Steve lawson

A quick round of applause, please, for the Herculean live-blogging efforts of Mr Steve Lawson.

Steve came along as an invited guest to today’s Fresh on the Net seminar for London Songwriters Week and captured the whole thing – Tom Robinson and I presenting, the thoughts of the crowd and the mood of the day.

He tweeted, blogged, videoed and even AudioBoo‘d.

Like this:


Go read / watch / listen to Steve’s whole account of what was an exceptionally good afternoon.

On a lighter note…

Road Crew

Irish artist and writer Tommie Kelly sent me a link to his wonderful web comic Road Crew, and I thought you might be interested. Clearly Tommie has spent time in the company of musicians, studio engineers, and roadies – because the observation is completely spot on.

It’s been going for about a year (I always get things late) and – apart from anything else, it’s really interesting watching his style develop over that time. Musicians can do that too.

I also like the fact that him letting me read his webcomic online leads me to want to buy the collectible and scarce physical product. Musicians can do that too.

Likewise the ‘donate and receive digital merchandise’ thing he’s doing. You could do that as well.

Smart and talented. Good mix. Enjoy.