Wed, 22 Jun, 19:58 Ben Walker : Woohoo! Let's go. We have sausages and leeks.

Wed, 22 Jun, 19:58 xander : hello Ben

Wed, 22 Jun, 19:58 Paul (_aka_hige) : I was feeling quite alone for a moment

Wed, 22 Jun, 19:58 Jason Parker (1WorkinMusician) : I'm here too!

Wed, 22 Jun, 19:59 Ben Walker : Hey Xabder, it still says Dubber etc. over there ---> Isn't it Steve "Mrs Goggins" Lawson, Lobelia and A. N. Other?

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:00 Paul (_aka_hige) : Strange Ben, on my page here it says Dubber etc over there <----

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:00 Ben Walker : That's the enduring mystery of CSS floats...

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:01 Paul (_aka_hige) :

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:01 warriorgrrl : Greetings from the train!

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:01 Ben Walker : I can't read and listen at the same time anyway so I'm fullscreening the discussion and reading the chat back afterwards...

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:01 Jason Parker (1WorkinMusician) : looking forward to Jesse's provocation (by the way, love that you're calling it that!)

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:01 Ben Walker : Hey Laura. Good stuff earlier.

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:01 Jason Parker (1WorkinMusician) : hey WG, ah, technology!

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:02 Paul (_aka_hige) : Headed anywhere nice @WG ?

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:02 warriorgrrl :

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:02 xander : refresh the page people and the info will be correct

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:02 warriorgrrl : Just back to London...

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:02 xander : apologies for the misinformation

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:02 Paul (_aka_hige) : hey no worries

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:02 warriorgrrl : Tut tut Xander

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:03 Jason Parker (1WorkinMusician) : have we started?

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:03 Ben Walker : Sorted.

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:03 Paul (_aka_hige) : Any moment now I reckon Jason

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:03 Jason Parker (@1WorkinMusician) :

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:03 Paul (_aka_hige) : Steve tweeted 3 or 4 mins about 3 or 4 mins ago.

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:04 Dubber : Still on the train but watching the chatroom...

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:04 Jason Parker (@1WorkinMusician) : we need to pull him back from Victor Wooten's nature preserve!

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:05 djAlbertFreeman : I can't stay for this one, I'm afraid, but I have watched the video, and would have been very interested to discuss it with you all.

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:05 solobasssteve : hello! we're here.

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:05 Paul (_aka_hige) : Hey

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:05 solobasssteve : just getting set up

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:05 Paul (_aka_hige) : Excellent

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:06 solobasssteve : you can watch the provocation now if you like

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:06 djAlbertFreeman : I was very interested by Jesse talking of '[musicians] controlling the flow of the relationship between the fanbase and themselves, by creating nurturing it rather than throwing themselves at the mercy of a third party service'

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:06 solobasssteve : can you hear us

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:06 xander : yesy

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:06 Jason Parker (@1WorkinMusician) : yup!

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:06 xander : *yes

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:06 ed richmond : yes

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:06 Edward Feery : loud and clear!

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:06 ed richmond : hi jude and lobelia and steve too

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:07 djAlbertFreeman : and the closing comment that Long term sustainability will come from the idea of owning and controlling the experience of your music is great food for thought, and makes me think about what I'm doing.

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:07 ian wallman : hello .. everyone...

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:09 slow maker : Hello from the alps all @Jason Parker. Thanks so much for the link, as soon as I get a workable credit card you have a customer. Beautiful stuff sir!!

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:09 Dubber : Hey Ian. Welcome along.

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:09 Jason Parker (@1WorkinMusician) : thanks @slow maker!!! really glad you like the tunes I hope you'll download the music now and enjoy

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:10 Kira Small : hi all! just jumped on are we watching jesse's video now?

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:10 djAlbertFreeman : Right, sorry got to jump out now, I've got a radio show to do. But I'll check Twitter later to see what everybody gets out of tonight's session.

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:11 Paul (_aka_hige) : Cool, laters. Yes

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:14 Ben Walker : Just.

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:14 Jason Parker (@1WorkinMusician) : yes

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:14 Edward Feery : yup!

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:14 Paul (_aka_hige) : Sure

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:14 ed richmond : yep

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:15 Steve Lively : yes

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:15 Ben Walker : Every Band Needs A Geek...

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:15 Kira Small : i nominate you, ben

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:15 xander : @ben

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:15 robbi : nominate ben toohahaha

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:15 Dubber : @Kira I'm not watching the video (or any video) as I'm using the phone for most of this. Keeping an eye on the chatroom though...

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:16 Kira Small : gotcha

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:16 Dubber : Not just bands who need Bens...

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:17 Ben Walker : *stuffs CDs into a padded envelope*

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:17 Jason Parker (@1WorkinMusician) : is that flapjack in the background???

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:18 slow maker : @Jason I would really like to pay if thats ok, Old fashioned I know but isn't monitise a watch word here?

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:18 Paul (_aka_hige) : healthy lungs!

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:18 Dubber : Or Xanders for that matter...

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:18 Jason Parker (@1WorkinMusician) : @slow...totally appreciate that! how about you download now and then pay when you can. then we both win!

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:18 xander : I'm good for that matter

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:18 solobasssteve : were any of you on in the late 90s?

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:19 Dubber : @slow maker You haven't really been paying attention have you?

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:19 Jason Parker (@1WorkinMusician) : not me, steve lol @ dubber

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:19 Paul (_aka_hige) : not me either

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:19 slow maker : seeing I have proof you gave me permission I shall @Dubber, Hence the name Slow Maker

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:20 Dubber : @steve I was. Number one in spoken word for all of 1998 with a drama series I made.

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:21 Paul (_aka_hige) : Ha ha ha Nice

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:22 ed richmond : I see a lot of acts still doing that

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:22 Jason Parker (@1WorkinMusician) : i remember having all those bogus email addys!

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:24 Slow Maker : Got a really bad connection tonight, refreshed a few times.

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:26 Jason Parker (@1WorkinMusician) : radio in the states still hasn't figured out how to use the internet

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:27 Paul (_aka_hige) : A big mistake I recently discovered is not thinking of a band name that is unique.

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:28 Xander : @Jason KCRW has? I'm sure there are others to, but generally, yes.

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:28 Jason Parker (@1WorkinMusician) : kcrw is a shining light! wxpn too, and kexp here in seattle...but not many others... funny...all three of those are non-commerical stations

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:29 Dubber : There's a few good ones. Check WFMU and (for radio shows) what This American Life is doing with the web and apps.

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:30 Paul (_aka_hige) : Or Our Price

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:30 ed richmond : I produce a BBC Introducing show that relies almost completely on non-plugged acts and while the amount of submissions has expanded it's still possible to get captivated by something really special amongst what can be pretty average stuff

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:30 Jason Parker (@1WorkinMusician) : LOL

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:30 Dubber : Commercial radio's use of the web is notoriously poor, but that's only because they see it purely as ad space.

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:30 Jason Parker (@1WorkinMusician) : i work in radio and i agree completely!

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:31 Dan Whitehouse : that is very refreshing to hear ed richmond

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:31 @clutch : @dubber If someone can't find something they love, and have never heard before, then they never will

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:31 Paul (_aka_hige) : I'd second that - UK radio is awesome.

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:31 ian wallman : @clutch.. true

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:31 Slow Maker : @ed richmond how do we get stuff to you sir?

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:32 @clutch : Hey Wallman - good to see you - I'm late to this tonight (you know why)

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:32 Dubber : There's some brilliant US radio, but not in the land of Clear Channel.

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:32 @clutch : @FearChannel

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:32 ed richmond : best way is to upload at - I'm based in Wales so focus on majority stuff from here but uploading there will let the show nearest to you know you're on there. @slow maker - but if you do upload, let me know too (@edrichmond on twitter)

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:34 Slow Maker : @ed thanks I'm in the Alps right now, but will endeavour to do so

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:35 ian wallman : @clutch .. currently multi-tasking (you know what I mean)!

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:35 Dubber : @clutch & @Ian Ooh... Intrigue.

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:35 Edward Feery : Without meaning to make you all feel ancient, happened way before my time - I hadn't even really heard of it before this conference.

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:36 warriorgrrl : Now getting on the tube! Looking forward to watching the archives later. Night all!

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:36 Dubber : Does Michael Robertson still own the domain?

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:37 @clutch : @dubber Hardly - involves a made-up story about Spiderman eating eggs.... A bit off-topic, sorry. *focusses*

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:37 ian wallman : @dubber... little people

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:38 Dubber : If I didn't know you two had kids I'd be thinking Fellini film

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:39 ian wallman : @dubber .. damn .. I had to google that ref!

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:40 @clutch : @solobasssteve Being that Facebook is most definitely not 'open', is it necessary/beneficial? I have little interest personally/ethically...

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:41 Joe Muggs : sorry, latecomer! have we discussed Imogen Heap yet?

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:42 Ben Walker : is still a band page. Maybe we're accidentally huge and no-one told us.

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:42 Steve Lively : Any recommendations for an alternative mode of keeping in touch with fans in a similar manner while under your control?

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:42 @clutch : Hey Joe! etc....

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:42 Paul (_aka_hige) : @solobasssteve How many people/fans do you think first find you on Facebook? Or is that just for contact with existing fans for you?

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:42 Joe Muggs : My favourite metaphor is William Gibson's: Facebook is a mall, Twitter is the street

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:44 @clutch : lol @ 'basswierdos'

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:45 robbi : @ben..sure you are already mor far ahead than you think i guess.

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:45 Jack Duckworth : Facebook is not good for bands

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:45 @clutch : Precisely - revenue through artist draw

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:45 ed richmond : That's always been the case in print media and that's what Facebook is too

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:46 @clutch : WTF?!? Ads for painkillers interrupting stream... Grrr

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:46 Ben Walker : Isn't your potential audience (as a musician) always going to be somewhere crap like Facebook, NME, radio etc. (not Radios 1 or 6, obviously .

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:47 robbi : the inteligent usage of facebook and twitter together with all their symbiotic effects is the way

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:47 xander : Ben's Myzbase project is evil genius in this regard or for an example

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:47 Kira Small : i find FB to be a necessary tool - just like myspace used to be - some people will ONLY hang out in one place - if i want to give them information they want in on FB - refuse to get on email list. some are opposite. some are only twitter. we have to go to where the people are if we want them to have info. takes a lot of work but haven't sorted out another way to do it

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:47 Dubber : Only if you make the kind of music that people who like crap also like...

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:47 Kira Small : WHAT JUDE IS SAYING RIGHT NOW

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:48 Ben Walker : @Dubber Let's develop a master race of music fans.

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:48 Jason Parker (@1WorkinMusician) : This is something we deal with in the jazz world all the time. Lots of jazz musicians only want to play in stuffy jazz clubs that charge $25 cover and then complain that no young people come to see them. We have to go to where the people are!

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:48 Ben Walker : ALSO WHAT JUDE SAID A SECOND AGO.

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:48 @clutch : @dubber @Ben Musical eugenics - I knew it!! Jazz and hammond chormosomes

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:48 xander : Is that a subtle invocation of Godwin's law @ben?

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:48 Steve Lively : Facebook, Twitter, etc. are tools. The point I got from the video is to have your own central clearinghouse site that then uses the tools where necessary. But, the goal is to get everyone out of the tool and into your web-site in some way.

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:49 @clutch : *chromosomes*

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:49 Joe Muggs : I source a lot of new music via Facebook, but not via band pages - via videos and soundcloud links in my friends' news streams

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:49 Kira Small : well said steve lively

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:49 Joe Muggs : Band pages I mainly use (sorry bands) to pimp articles I've written that include that band i.e. post the url on their wall in the hope of getting their fans to read it

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:49 ed richmond : @joe agreed - links/shares from trusted people on these platforms is very powerful

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:50 Joe Muggs : I do also "like" a lot of pages in order purely to support / recommend acts though

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:50 Kira Small : me too

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:51 Steve Lively : Exactly, solobasssteve!

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:52 Edward Feery : there are people who put facebook to good use; there's a fellow running a 'liverpool bands' page as a resource for the local scene/community; there's loads of traffic of people offering gigs, looking for gigs, advertising gigs and records, offering services, making connections. It's the exception rather than the rule, and it isn't perfect, but it's a damn useful resource when it works.

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:52 ed richmond : @solobasssteve HA Nephilim!!!

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:52 Ben Walker : Roxette definitely beats Sisters of Mercy. Word.

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:52 @clutch : In essence, 'liking' and 'friending' are just mediated curation - but surely there are better tools out there for this purpose...?

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:53 Joe Muggs : too right Steve - places like Pitchfork think they are THE node, THE "Peel" though. They need to understand they are not.

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:53 @clutch : @Ben Walker Dr Avalanche FTW

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:53 Joe Muggs : DOKTOR Avalanche hahaha

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:53 Dubber : @Ben Though 'ThisCorrosion's one hell of a tune...

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:53 Jason Parker (@1WorkinMusician) : i think facebook and twitter are GREAT tools for curation. As the steve's have said, they are wonderful tools if you use them honestly and smartly

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:54 ed richmond : Jude - podcast rules still only 30 seconds without speech over except for BBC Introducing podcast with Huw Stephens etc

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:54 Dubber : BBC totally caved on that deal. Very disappointing.

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:55 @clutch : Anyone got a link for podcasting rules?

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:55 ed richmond : @dubber - As an employee I couldn't possibly comment that you're completely right

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:55 @clutch : @solobasssteve Please may I have a snack?

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:56 Joe Muggs : Mary Anne Hobbs is one example of someone who is managing to recreate the Peel model (he was her mentor too) for the 21st century, globablised world *globalised

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:56 Dubber : Spoke to the guy who did that deal for you guys at the radio hall of fame thing. He gets that he let us all down..,

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:56 Jason Parker (@1WorkinMusician) : and nic harcourt at kcrw (is he still there?) and david dye on wxpn

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:56 ed richmond : *sighs*

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:57 Kira Small : steve is torturing @clutch w/crisps.....

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:57 Dubber : I may have shouted a bit

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:57 Ben Walker : Thank God the Introducing process gave us the Ting Tings.

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:57 @clutch : Huw, Lamacq, Peel, have all played stuff I've worked on, purely on spec - they're enthusiasts - invaluable to the music scene, but where are the online equivalents, outside niche blogs?

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:57 ed richmond : @dubber - on behalf of all of us - THANK YOU

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:58 Paul (_aka_hige) : Excellent question @clutch

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:59 Joe Muggs : I think online TV is moving very fast on this The Boiler Room and Black Cab Sessions especially get the artist (or DJ) in front of a camera

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:59 Dubber : @clutch For me, you'd be one of those. It's ourfriends.

Wed, 22 Jun, 20:59 ed richmond : The Line Of Best Fit and others are good too

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:00 Anne : It's been fun but the Apprentice is on now - sorry!

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:00 Paul (_aka_hige) : Nice link Jude!

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:00 @clutch : @Joe Muggs I've seen cult stuff (shows you mention are next level up) but is there an 'MTV' waiting in the wings, or is the net too nebulous for this to prevail?

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:00 solobasssteve : ha! Anne, off you go

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:01 djAlbertFreeman : OK, my radio show is over, so I'm back here to get the back end of the discussion...

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:01 ed richmond : HA! TOH - just like @dubber

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:01 Paul (_aka_hige) : Welcome back Albert

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:01 Ben Walker : you would be awesome Steve...

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:02 djAlbertFreeman : that's just what I've done, Steve. stutter and um, and ahh..! :-D

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:02 Slow Maker : I've missed loads of this, must catch the repeat!!

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:02 Ben Walker : We put our last album on Bandcamp anyway, but shhhhhh.

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:02 Paul (_aka_hige) : Where's your music @Slow Maker?

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:02 Ben Walker : UMG haven't noticed yet.

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:03 robbi : hahaha

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:03 Steve Lively : In addition to getting your music out this way. This approach can change the licensing process at a grassroots level to a media agnostic approach. Broadcast is broadcast, the medium is immaterial. Let's just get the music out!

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:03 Dubber : @Ben Ha!

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:03 Slow Maker : In my head mostly I'm afraid I am very very shit using computers

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:03 ed richmond : Agreed, the BBC are hamstrung by rights issues and their agreements with PRS and even the majors. Jesse's call to controlling the means by which you put your music out is a really important/challenging/exciting

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:04 Ben Walker : @Steve Lively "Let's just get the music out!"??? How? How, goddammit?! Do you have the answers?

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:04 ed richmond : Jude - love the fact you refer to the BBC as 'we' still.

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:05 Jason Parker (@1WorkinMusician) : thanks all!

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:05 Ben Walker : Nick Moreton.

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:05 Paul (_aka_hige) : Thank you all. Some great points here!

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:06 Steve Lively : Not at all. Just trying to figure it out with everyone else. But if we move to the self promoted, self controlled model. Then we increase our options by avoiding the very licensing issues that can hamper the process.

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:06 @clutch : 'Mazing stuffs - tell Jesse to build an AmpNMS chatroom, and appoint some moderators/curators on a rota...

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:06 Slow Maker : Honestly? I have worked on other Projects, but have nothing recorded as yet as I have been traveling around the world with my acoustic slung over my shoulder for the last two years plus

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:06 djAlbertFreeman : can we watch the ustream things again?

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:06 @clutch : Cheers

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:06 Jack Duckworth : Thank you all.

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:06 djAlbertFreeman : Dettol sales will sky rocket tomorrow.

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:06 Edward Feery : Cheers guys - it's been a pleasure, and I can't wait for the next one!

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:06 robbi : thanks too for interesting subject from germany

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:07 xander : @albert yes - these pages will all be archived in the next few hours and this will be turned into a reference for what happened. Archived video for the live stream and readable/scrollable chat transcript

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:07 Steve Lively : Thanks you!

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:07 Slow Maker : Thanks so much all, I fell upon you all, and am glad I found this. It's a great help, and as I have said there should be way way more people watching this

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:07 Kira Small : bye!

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:07 djAlbertFreeman : thanks, you're all amazing!

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:07 solobasssteve : thankyou so much! that was all kinds of funz

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:07 xander : @albert sessions 1 & 2 are here and here already.

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:08 @clutch : *high fives all 'round*

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:08 Kira Small : @clutch sorry he never offered you a snack

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:08 djAlbertFreeman : @xander - nice one, thanks for the links. I saw sessions 1,2, and 3 live, but missed just 4. I'll watch it tomorrow.

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:08 Paul (_aka_hige) : It's excellent that these discussions are taking place. I'm grateful for the knowledge shared and this open forum!

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:09 Jason Parker (@1WorkinMusician) : see y'all around twitter! @1WorkinMusician if you want to follow

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:09 Dubber : 3 cheers for Amplified.

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:09 Slow Maker : @Paul thanks for asking though

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:09 Paul (_aka_hige) : Sure I'll look you up Jason

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:09 Kira Small : hurrah!

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:09 Jason Parker (@1WorkinMusician) : if you're interesting i might even follow back

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:09 Paul (_aka_hige) : No worries @Slow

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:09 Ben Walker : @ihatemornings // @littlefishmusic

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:09 Paul (_aka_hige) : look me up when you get some music recorded @slow

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:09 robbi : @ben increase the working together with other bands in the world like nightmares in your case to increase own networks of promoting

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:09 @clutch : @Kira A moment on the lips, though

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:09 Ben Walker : Also ...

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:10 xander : I'm @quitexander // @unbounders if anyone wishes to know

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:10 Slow Maker : @Paul thanks will do

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:10 Jason Parker (@1WorkinMusician) : well, if we're posting links:

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:10 @clutch : @That Lawson will regret those treats

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:10 Steve Lively : @ArtisticMusicPr if anyone wants to follow or if you see me making a fairly rare contribution to the conversation.

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:11 Paul (_aka_hige) : Listening to No More, No Less @Jason

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:11 Steve Lively : Top notch stuff on that CD!

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:11 Jason Parker (@1WorkinMusician) : Thanks Paul! We just released a new one too, a tribute to Nick Drake. it's on my bandcamp page @steve aw, shucks!

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:12 Paul (_aka_hige) : I'll look it up. This is very nice.

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:12 Slow Maker : @Paul @Jason that is Beautiful

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:12 Paul (_aka_hige) : Trill!!!

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:12 Jason Parker (@1WorkinMusician) : cheers all! LOL @ paul i wrote that song for my wife

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:12 Paul (_aka_hige) :

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:12 Jason Parker (@1WorkinMusician) : bashert = soulmate

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:12 Kira Small : @clutch I'll sneak you a snack off his plate at dinner tonight, how's that?

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:12 Paul (_aka_hige) : She sounds like she's got a fair old presence

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:13 Jason Parker (@1WorkinMusician) : indeed

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:13 Kira Small : gotta run. bye all!

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:13 Paul (_aka_hige) : See ya!

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:13 Slow Maker : @Paul and @Jason The Nick Drake recording I was refering to by the way when I said it was beautiful

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:13 Steve Lively : See ya all. Time to get back to work.

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:14 Paul (_aka_hige) : Take care man Arps and 8ves on the Piano solo - lovely...

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:14 Slow Maker : Thanks all

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:15 Jason Parker (@1WorkinMusician) : thanks paul and slow for checking out the tunes. download and enjoy please! going for a run to process all the info that's come in in the last two days.

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:16 Slow Maker : Will do, many thanks in return, do you have it on vinyl? haha

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:16 Paul (_aka_hige) : It'd be ace if there was a forum where we could all collate our musings on all this info

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:17 Slow Maker : I obviously need to set up some sort of Twitter or facebook page, if I do it will be very empty @Paul you could all start there

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:19 Joe Muggs : Damn, sorry got called out by a sleepless baby

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:19 Paul (_aka_hige) : I'll do some head scratching @Slow. Look forward to seeing your presence somewhere soon...

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:19 Joe Muggs : Thanks all the panellists, that was ace

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:19 Paul (_aka_hige) : Catch you'se all along the wires later. Take it easy one and all.

Wed, 22 Jun, 21:21 Joe Muggs : @Clutch I'm not sure if there's an online "next MTV waiting in the wings" but a lot of UK urban channels seem to be developing fast and brilliantly - SBTV being case in point

Steve Lawson, Lobelia Lawson and Jude Mason talk about Music & Enterprise


Jesse von Doom from Cash Music talks open source technology and how code can help musicians.