Podcast 2: Reviews


Steve and I were on a train to London and thought it was a nice opportunity to have a podcast-style chat. After tossing a few topic ideas around, we decided to chat about reviews – which was topical for both of us for one reason or another. Hope you find it of interest.

In the podcast, we mention:

The music of Emily Baker;
The music of Calamateur;
The music of Steve Lawson
and how to submit your Bandcamp album for review.

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7 thoughts on “Podcast 2: Reviews

  1. I’ve just spent 5 minutes trying to work out why my mobile phone is interfering with the audio — but it’s not *my* phone, it’s *yours* on the recording!

    *Tuts!* ;)

  2. Dubber says:

    Yeah – sorry. That was me. I had all my gadgets in a bag at my feet while the mic was in my hand on the train. It wasn’t the worst interference on the podcast though. I don’t know if you could hear them, but there were one or two announcements on the train.

    Next time we’ll try and remember to leave my iPhone in the next room.

  3. Dave Horn says:

    It’s pricey, it’s slightly large (to accomodate dual XLR connectors), but I’ve found the Zoom H4N to be a fantastic,high-quality portable recorder, Dubber. Good to go hands-free on a tripod (I use a GorillaPod http://joby.com/gorillapod ), in your hands, or on a tabletop.

    Great to hear you again :)

  4. Dubber says:

    Hey Dave – I’m not far off. We used a Zoom H2, but yeah – a stand’s not a bad idea. I used to have a GorillaPod for the Flip camera. Good call.

  5. Interesting! Some food for thought about how we use Twitter in particular.

  6. cole says:

    Good stuff. I’m a musician/musicologist and I write reviews sometimes and I also have trouble figuring out what my role is in that context. I wish 70% of the stuff I was submitted was good… Maybe my standards are just too high (I didn’t like Calamatuer).

    You didn’t mention it explicitly, I don’t think, but it’s interesting how the internet is blurring the divide between amateur and professional and what used to be clear-cut roles (is Dubber a reviewer or-as he said-an enthusiast with a platform?).


    P.S. You might give a woman named Julia Marcell a listen; her work is truly worth while.

  7. usa trippers says:

    I’m having problems playing it in a new video but thanks to your downloadable version I was able to hear it. It was great man.