The time has come: It’s ‘Quit Myspace Day’!

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Exactly one year ago, I wrote a blog post about the fact that Myspace has failed musicians and fans alike.

Recently, after speaking to the Head of Music for Myspace, I wrote another blog post explaining that Myspace is not just ugly, frustrating and riddled with spam – but actually compromises the ethics of its users while exploiting your music and your audiences… and why it can and will never be what it should be.

Myspace is not simply irrelevant, it’s utterly poisonous.

When I wrote that first blog post, I suggested that Sunday October 24th 2010 should be declared ‘Quit Myspace Day’. Nothing has happened in the intervening year to change my mind about that. In fact, if anything, I’m more convinced than ever that we’re all better off without it.

So now it’s time to just close our accounts and enjoy a Myspace-free life. Tell everyone you know. If you’re on Twitter, it’d be great to see the tag #quitmyspace trending.

You deserve much better. Happy Quit Myspace Day, everyone.


31 thoughts on “The time has come: It’s ‘Quit Myspace Day’!

  1. Jean-Baptiste Collinet says:

    No aspiring or professionnal musician needs Myspace nowadays.

    All musicians truly need is a website, Twitter presence and congruency. Of course a bit of marketing strategy is of the utmost necessity.

    You’re an artist? You’ve got recorded material? Then you’re a small biz owner!

    Myspace is for those who think that we’re still in the 80’s. Wake up, we’re in 2010 and you missed the train.

    Quit Myspace. Brand your band and manage it.

  2. embe says:

    where can i find the instruction to quit MySpace? i cannot find my way out …


  3. Widget Man says:

    Why don’t you shut up and care about your own life ?
    Why don’t you use your keyboard to type something useful ?
    If I want a MySpace what’s is the problem ?

    MySpace has helped many musicians word-wide to improve the exposure of music and also to establish new contacts and start good and true friendships .
    Your words incite prejudice and ingratitude to one of the largest sites that the Internet has had . There’s no denying that MySpace has really helped the music scene .
    Your words are poor and have no relationship to the musical universe .
    Music is about union and fun .

    Pure nonsense what you wrote .

  4. folkoono says:

    Any coincidence that Myspace is currently hosting a rather feeble survey asking how relevant we feel it is?

  5. I quit Myspace shortly after Rupert Murdoch acquired it and alerted all of my friends of the downward slide I envisioned Myspace taking. I saw the direction in which it was headed then. I was not mistaken.

    Since then Myspace has done a multitude of different things to regain the footage that it lost to Facebook and Twitter.

    Murdoch may have been a brilliant old school newspaper man, but he didn’t have a clue when it came to social media. He saw a hot property and overpaid for it to own this piece of online real estate.

    Upon my departure from Myspace I hung a sign on my profile. It reads simply,”Sorry, we are closed.”

  6. romilar says:

    well, I find myspace still very useful to find new unsigned bands and will keep my account on. Facebook is shit, Twitter is not so powerful for a band as myspace.
    Sorry guy but today I don’t quit.

  7. Paolo says:

    It had been so long since I’ve logged in to the mail account associated with Myspace, that it was shut down!!!! I don’t know a single person that isn’t a musician who still visits myspace. The only activity i’ve had in the last year was from spammers.

    After CREATING the same email account just to send my Myspace cancellation confirmation email, it is done. I doubt anyone will notice.

    Dubber, your arguments are, as always, spot on.

  8. Ren Keiko says:

    Do you ask to people quit just because you don’t like it?
    Please use your own opinion about something to use in your own trail.
    If Bandcamp start to put ads there you will start the ‘quit Bandcamp day’?
    All us are thinking about money here ,right? What’s wrong if Myspace does the same? What is the real loss that Myspace caused for someone?
    I use and enjoy and realize that the name Myspace is synonymous of music on the web enviroment. A musician that quit Myspace is doing something precipitously wrong.
    Yes,Tom is our friend.

  9. Phil Cooper says:

    An interesting post and some interesting replies…

    Whenever I look for new music from developing artists and I google their names I am, 90% of the time sent to their MySpace be that via their own unique vanity URL or a direct link… So for many it has its uses. I agree it service is pretty poor and clumsy, but for my needs it seems to do the job…

  10. jf says:

    who cares! it is what it is… myspace is.001% of what you could be doing to market your music.
    how about being creative and thinking up a NEW fresh idea instead of wasting your time on this argument. sounds like a better way to be spending your time.

  11. Woody says:

    As long as you’re happy~

  12. R.Klotz says:

    Hey folks,let’s create the ‘QUIT DUBBER DAY’ for all mondays of the year .
    Dubber gives web space to host your music? Dubber gives a player? Dubber gives widgets? Dubber gives a page? Dubber gives an url? Dubber gives a way to you expose and promote your music? Dubber gives page rank? What Dubber gives for you?
    Let’s quit Dubber! Dubber is for losers.

  13. Once again, Myspace is trying to re-invent itself. Just found this article on MSN this morning (10/28/2010)

    If you were on the high waters and your boat sprung a leak, if you were taking on water would you try to re-invent the boat you were in or would you pray for a lifeline and let your boat sink?

  14. Presuming Ed says:

    Myspace has helped us get in contact with promoters since day one, acting as a bridge between us and all the gigs we have ever played! If any musicians are remotely like us, we are in debt to myspace! Apparently they are changing it to make up for all their faults. But anyways at the end of the day its only a website, who cares

  15. Mike says:

    I disagree. MySpace has plenty of faults, but its also provided a way for many, many bands to get their music out in the open – for free. As an earlier commenter noted, if you Google a band, MySpace very often comes up as the top result or at least in the top three. That’s significant from a visibility standpoint. Sure, there is plenty more that bands can do to promote, but to ignore MySpace or remove your band from MySpace just doesn’t make sense. You are essentially cutting off a big portion of the Internet population from hearing your music – the site still gets some 60 million visitors per month. Furthermore, as a music writer at, I use MySpace frequently, and I’m not the only one to do so. I can listen to several bands quickly to get an idea of their style, all in the same place. It’s convenient and that helps me help bands.
    In light of their redesign (read more about that here it seems that MySpace could extend its reach even further in the entertainment industry, which is nothing but positive news for musicians.

  16. DeleteMe says:

    If you need help deleting your MySpace account, go to

  17. Samy says:

    Are you musician ?
    So don’t be an idiot deleting your MySpace account …

  18. David W. King says:

    This discussion is pointless. Myspace’s days are numbered. News Corpse has said that they are not thinking in terms of years, but in quarters (three months to a quarter.) . Shortly Myspace will be as dead as Digg, AOL, AskJeeves, and that old codger AltaVista.

    Here’s the news:–905761?src=rss&attr=newsintern

    If you are one of many musicians who do not have a personal/ or band website, you are shortly going to be out in the cold.

    Let’s move on.

  19. Mike says:

    @David W. King: Are any of you musicians out there using Apple’s PING?

  20. Blee says:

    People, people please….why so serious?

    If you find myspcae useful, keep it. If not, wave bye bye.

    Why the need to bicker?

    Keep it RYL

  21. brionace says:

    Im glad loads of people feel like i do, I sent myspace countless emails. But they have let us down completely, yet it could have been the internet music hub.

    Im leaving too.

  22. jerry says:

    I agree. Myspace is full of crap these days, and it drops tracking cookies on to your computer! It used to be a site where individuality could flourish but all the corporate crap has now taken over and it is My Space no longer! They change things without asking our opinions! A lot of people put hours of time into creating their pages only to see them trashed by MySpace 3.0. It stinks and achieves nothing. I am going to delete all my accounts with MySpace.

  23. Sasha Raskin says:


    Let’s say there’s a country, nice littlle strip of land with couple of miilions of souls in population. Some of them work, and some don’t. Some are more communicative than others, and some are less. Some wear nice clothes while others put on themselves pink dresses with vampire prints, some spam while others don’t, and some multiply their play numbers to miilions for the sake of their ego. You see where I’m getting at.

    Let’s also say that the taxes in that country became high, the streets are dirty, and the natives can’t go outside without being attacked by blood thirsty salesmen.

    So, will they all leave that country? Go on a strike?

    I know, I know. Web page isn’t a country, nor it’s a home. Leaving a social network is much easier then packing A LOT of suitacases.
    If just could they start living in elsewhere, without actually leave their old neigbourhoods, without the need to leave the neighbours as well as the few really good friends they came to meet there over the years, and most important, without BURNING THEIR OLD APPARTMENTS TO THE GROUND WITH EVRYTHING INSIDE IT?

    To make it short, why SIMPLY not be present in whatever network you want?
    Why should you choose?

    Social networks are communities, some better, and some worse, and it changes, as well as the trend, but they are by no means countries.
    You can live everywhere, baby.

    1 LOVE

  24. Sasha Raskin says:


  25. Ale Solis says:

    So what MySpace should be then?? You said, its not what it shoul be?? So what is it then? Where is the big flaw about it? I failed to see it, dont think is making any wrong, no one said, is gonna sort musicians careers out, is a platform to get your music out there, and as that is working fine i guess…

  26. Damien says:

    I think musicians are better off learning a little html and building their own website its really not that hard. Also, you can use wordpress ( a blog publishing application) to build a fan site its very easy to use. Personally I never liked Myspace.

    Music Marketing

  27. It seems that you are contradicting yourself a bit.
    In your NMS PDF (if I understand you correctly), you say in Thing 12: Distributed Identity:
    “From a PR perspective, you are better off scattering yourself right across the internet, than you are staying put in one place. Memberships, profiles, comments, and networks are powerful online marketing strategies”.
    So actually by quitting Myspace, you are in fact reducing your “internet scatter.”
    I also don’t like Rupert Murdoch and what he stands for, but “I sure as hell ain’t gonna shoot meself da foot ‘bro!” :-)

  28. jay says:

    @Widget Man: god for you widget man, I agree,and its best to have it as a backing for live perfomrnaces.Just been saved from aaaaa fateworse tan death magneticsound collective were going to put one of my tracks on a compilatio but they have folded. Phew! thatwas a close one

  29. tom says:

    Like Damien above said, I am going then personal site/blog route. Seem to be working out pretty well so far and more fun as well

  30. Programming says:

    Nice idea about Myspace :-)
    This is a good review about the product. I do not have much exposure on the subject you are dealing with but I could get the essence of what you are trying to speak in particular.

  31. Nageldesign says:

    Nearly a year later Myspace changed its design and layout. I suppose this will be for the very last time if they can’t convinvnce with their ‘improved’ business proposition.