20 Things video podcast


The university I work at has put together a series of videos about my free e-book The 20 Things You Must Know About Music Online.

This is not a video version of the book per se, but rather me talking briefly about each of the different sections of the book in turn.

Because these video podcasts are eventually destined for the iTunesU site that the university is putting together, they are in a particular (and very nice) video format, which doesn’t lend itself well to embedding and distributing, which I think is a shame, really.

So as soon as I get a chance, I’m going to grab the files and stick them up on YouTube and Vimeo, etc. Feel free to do the same. In the meantime though – these are as they appear on the BCU website, where you can also get the files as mp3s.

Full video iPod video
Introduction – The 20 Things Watch Watch
Don’t Believe the Hype Watch Watch
Hear, Like, Buy Watch Watch
Opinion Leaders Rule Watch Watch
Customise Watch Watch
The Long Tail Watch Watch
Web 2.0 Watch Watch
Connect Watch Watch
Cross-promote Watch Watch
Fewer Clicks Watch Watch
Professionalism Watch Watch
The Death of Scarcity Watch Watch
Distributed Identity Watch Watch
SEO Watch Watch
Permission and Personalisation Watch Watch
RSS Watch Watch
Accessibility Watch Watch
Reward & Incentive Watch Watch
Frequency Is Everything Watch Watch
Make It Viral Watch Watch
Forget Product – Sell Relationship Watch Watch

13 thoughts on “20 Things video podcast

  1. Paul says:

    If you’re feeling brave you could try embedding them with HTML 5’s ‘video’ tags –

    …but I don’t know if WordPress.org supports these tags yet (.com doesn’t).

  2. Paul says:

    Ok yeah, ignore that – the embed failed. Best to stick to YouTube and Vimeo et al for now.

  3. Tom says:

    Are these available as a podcast, or will they be? How can I be alerted when they are?

  4. hagop tchaparian says:

    Hey Andrew – these videos are great.
    They look good, but also i think the content comes over really good…
    Nice one.

  5. hagop tchaparian says:

    btw I watched in Firefox on Mac, was fine..

  6. marta says:

    Hi there i am a vocal coach in LA among other things, i am putting together some products for the international music community.
    anyway i am switching fro a static web site format to wordpress, and I stumbled upon you, and i love how you have set your site/blog up. I love your audio clips, etc. I will definitely add you as a tag.
    Might i ask you what theme you are using? and is soundcloud a wordpress plug in?
    much luck with your endeavors.
    Much thanks for any tips you might give me to make my new layout not hell to put together..
    Marta Woodhull

  7. hunter says:

    hey cool – thanks – now I can have you speak in class

  8. Wow… A God Send. 24 year Burned-Out (Former) Music Educator. I’ve recently decide to retire early and pursue my performance/composition career full time. Because I’ve hit the glass ceiling in Flint’s Public Educational Systems, I’ve come to a new reality. I Must Live My Talent!! So far the only logically sound way to succeed is to promote my new music and music techniques online. I’m investigating all the information and will stay in touch. So far I’m the only person I’ve found that comprehends and uses a 6 mallet performance technique on Vibraphone (my design). I’m in the process of finding my “corner” in the market or “MY MARKET” for this paradigm shift. Thanks AD I have yet to look at the videos, I’m just into the PDF :-)

  9. David Allen says:

    To follow this up, these podcasts can now be downloaded from iTunes U, and can be found using the below link:

    (will open up iTunes assuming that it’s installed)

  10. Superb video series. Insightful and motiviating. Cheers Andrew.

  11. Gavin says:

    Very intresting looking set of videos. Thanks.

  12. Hello,

    Love the PDF but can’t view the video. I tried to watch in Firefox on Mac, but it either took an age to load (with no sign of activity) or it’s broken. Maybe best to chuck them on youtube or even better vimeo. Love your work otherwise, just wish I could view the vids!


  13. Charlie says:

    Thanks for al the great stuff!

    btw: the link of the viral video is a mp3 link ;-)